Skype Push To Talk Complete Guide

Whenever we here about chatting and talking to somebody over the internet. Our mind triggers us to Skype that person. Because, Skype is one of the first telecommunication companies under Microsoft that provides us the convenience of talking to our close one over the internet. Either it is text or call Skype just got your back.

What is the Push to Talk feature in Skype?

Skype is one of a kind of VOIP ( Voice over IP ) services. It was introduced to talk over the internet to anyone, anywhere free of cost. Skype is mostly used by professionals, so as the ‘Push to Talk” feature is introduced to advance the needs of a professional environment.

Skype Push to Talk feature has made Skype a Walkie Talkie. This feature allows other person to hear over the press of a button. For instance, meeting between two organizations over internet is just the perfect example. They don’t cut calls to discuss things, it is where this feature is used. Press the button if you want them to hear you.

This feature is added to skip the need to cancel calls and then call back again. Like during discussions if you need to ask/confirm something from another person. It’s will be a long process and might feel rude to call them, ask them and cut to continue with the discussion.

Setup Skype on your computer

If you already have Skype on your computer you can skip this part of the article or else follow these simple steps to download and install Skype on your computer.

Step 1: Download Skype on your computer from the website

Step 2: Click on the downloaded file and click install and then finish.

Step 3: Skype will automatically start after it is installed.

Step 4: Login with your Skype username and password or if you don’t have Skype login with your Facebook which is the easiest way to create your Skype account.

Skype Push To Talk for Windows 10

It is clearly stated that the latest version of Skype doesn’t have the Push to Talk feature. Instead they have given the option to toggle the hot keys which is slightly different from the Push to Talk.

So if you’re having the latest version of Skype on windows 10 follow the steps below to Toggle the hot keys for your Skype.

Step 1: Download and install Skype on your computer from or if you already have it installed then skip the first step.

Step 2: Login to your Skype account using your email, username and password.

Step 3: Once you’re logged in click on your profile picture on top left of your application. A pop-up will pop-up.

Step 4: Look for setting options in the pop-up. You’ll find it out somewhere at the bottom. Click > Setting.

Step 5: Clicking settings option will generate a windows. Look for general in the left section of the windows. Click > General.

Step 6: You’ll see Accessibility on the pop-up screen under that you’ll see a toggle button that will be “off”. Click to switch it on so it turn blue.

Click the toggle button Enable global Hotkeys.

Skype Push to Talk for other versions of windows

For other version of windows Microsoft have older version of Skype. Follow the steps below to enable Push to Talk features of Skype.

Step 1: Open up Skype Application and Login to your Skype account.

Step 2: Click > Tools located on the top bar of your application.

Step 3: Click > Options under tools.

Step 4: Click > Advanced setting on the left side of the screen. When you’ll click on it a drop down menu will appear Click > Hotkeys.

Step 5: You’ll see all the hotkeys features on the screen. Click “Push to Talk” and other hotkey features you want to use.

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