Homepage of Yahoo India Gets Revamped with Infinite Scroll and Other latest Features

Recently, the latest updates come to see in Yahoo India. These latest updates are about homepage and other Yahoo pages will also be moderated with these latest updates. Now, Yahoo readies to offer a unified experience across its homepage. Moreover, users are going to get a new and better way to consume, engaged, and find eminence contents.

Yahoo is known as a web service provider. It is an America web service and is based from Sunnyvale, California. However, Verizon Media has the ownership of this web service. In the early era of the internet, Yahoo was too familiar to browse things on the internet. Then a lot of search engines and web services took birth in the world of internet. But, with gradually changes and updates yahoo kept its standard common among the users. Presently, with the latest updates and adaptations, the service is benefits throughout the world.

Today Yahoo has got its expansion to such an extent that it is working specifically for the individual countries such as Yahoo India services, and others. The main benefit of the individual services is that one can easily find the related contents on the homepage without surfing or browsing the web. Well, in the below discussion we are going to get the ideas that with what major changes or updates Yahoo India readies to rule on us.

Yahoo Homepage Style

yahoo india home

Now users at Yahoo India Homepage are going to getting rid of a new tab if they want to read an individual article with detail. Homepage allows us to scroll down the page through related stories inline. However, in less time users can find the latest news and related contents through this latest update of Yahoo India homepage.

Editors’ pick of Yahoo appears up top, it is followed by the articles just according to every user’s interest. The users’ behavior over the time will be picked up by the Yahoo stream picks and the user will be delivered with the more specific contents all the time.

Moreover, users are letting allow getting a full news story as the story is going to live through these latest updates. Furthermore, on updating the new story the instant notifications will be delivered to users and this can be possible by following the latest news development by the users.

Yahoo Finance Style

Finance is all time a major part of the discussion by every single nation or country. In order to get in touch with the financial status of the country, Yahoo India offers unique features and latest updates in Yahoo financial section. Readout what is new and what is you are going to explore.

Yahoo India shows another amazing feature which combines the profiles, watch lists, and popular market data including top gainers and losers into a dashboard which is configurable. Through this dashboard users get access to add, remove and record stocks openly on the homepage.

Users are allowed to just make a click on a ticker of the watch list and they would be jumped into between interactive charts. A quick company performance summary is providing through new data visualizations in the right rail on stock quotes.

Moreover, in order to see stocks on any quote page without navigating away, users are using a new button “View Watch list”.

In order to customize the site and to add, remove and reorder the portfolio users can use “My Portfolio” section. Along with the 15 fixed headlines, users are offering with an infinite stream of content on the quote page. This stream will include on the related articles in the form of clusters and these are similar to the homepage.

Moreover, new community-centered “Conversations” section is another latest feature of Yahoo India. The conversations section will be prominent on each quote page. It is a helpful way for users to discover trending tags. Moreover, users will also be allowed to post images, charts, and GIFs to express their ideas. Users are going to be helpful from the discussion about companies on anywhere of Yahoo through the relevant conversations of articles.

Yahoo Cricket Theme

Cricket has become the most favorite playing game in India. They show their keen interest doesn’t only in playing cricket but watching cricket streams and live shows are also among the main interests of Indian on Yahoo India. While watching a live match show, the faster loading time and getting a ball by ball action is the wish of every single user.

So, in order to fulfill this requirement, users are offered with a considerably faster page load after the latest updates of Yahoo India. So, users are, now, going to get a good cricket experience through this latest update on Yahoo. Now, from Indian premier league, IPL to international cricket streaming all you can explore with good experiences.

Yahoo Lifestyle Design

Lifestyle or related aspects are the common points of discussion people do everywhere and India is not an exceptional case in this discussion. Latest updates in Yahoo India also offer a unique style to explore modern and fully immersive contents. These contents are related to lifestyle that how the standard of living is going on in India and how you can compare it with the lifestyles running throughout the world.

Conclusion Of Yahoo India:

We hope that the article was helpful for you to get a complete idea with what changes and updates the Yahoo India comes. Well, this is all the discussion and you people will, obviously, confuse about some instants and aspects. But, when you would use the service with these latest features and styles you will surely overcome these and you would get the better experience of browsing yahoo India through these latest features.

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